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Jane has been involved in all aspects of training design and performance improvement. The samples are representative examples of her work and do not include all projects.


Sample Areas:

  • e-Learning
  • ILT (Instructor-Led Training)
  • Job Aids


Jane’s area of expertise is e-Learning. She has been involved in e-Learning since 1994. She built her e-Learning skills on her experience in developing audiocassette training for off-the-shelf software, such as Microsoft Office™ products, among others.

Click on the links below to find out more about each project.

Xantel Connex Tutorial | Customer Usage | ONE 2000 | DeluxePort: The Basics
The Basics of Communication Networks (Springfield)


Instructor-Led Training
Over the years, Jane has developed many courses for classroom delivery. These include:

  • Process improvement training for biotech engineers
  • Product and sales training for financial advisors and wholesalers
  • SAP Training for Pennzoil Corporation
  • Prism Training for Alliant Foodservice
  • Training for a health management system for Evergreen, formerly Lifemark Corporation
  • Sales training for Intuit, Inc.
  • Courses that she herself delivers on various aspects of instructional design, including e-Learning.

Click on the links below to find out more about each course.

Evergreen, formerly Lifemark, Inc. | Intuit | JEM Communications, LLC


Job Aids
Although training is often a good solution to a performance issue, job aids can sometimes supplant or enhance training. Job Aids are memory aids for specific staff members to use at their desk to assist them in the performance of specific job tasks. Jane has developed many effective job aids during her years as an instructional designer and performance technologist. Click on the links below to find out more about each job aid.

Warehouse Unsaleables | Prism Job Aid | Task Timing Job Aid
Diamond 950 – Members | Switch Manager Troubleshooting Guide

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