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Jane MacKenzie has consistently excelled in all her pursuits. She has received awards as well as high praise from employers and co-workers.

In May 2009, Jane was elected Fellow in the Society for Technical Communications (STC) based on her continuing contributions in the field of technical communications and technical training, her contributions to STC as IDL SIG Manager (2004-2007), her continued contributions to the Phoenix Chapter of STC, and her ongoing support of many chapters in establishing live web seminars in place of face-to-face meetings.

In May 2006, Jane was elected Associate Fellow in STC based on her contributions to the field of technical communications and technical training, her contributions to STC, and her management of the Instructional Design and Learning Special Interest Group (IDL SIG).

In addition, in May 2005, 2006, and 2007, the Instructional Design and Learning Special Interest Group (IDL SIG), which Jane managed, was named SIG of Distinction in STC.

In September 2003, she was designated as a "Certified Performance Technologist" (CPT) by The International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI). Jane received this designation after over 20 years of improving workplace performance focusing on instructional design of classroom and e-learning courses, training facilitation, process improvement, project direction, coaching, and mentoring.

In 2001, she received three Awards of Excellence and one Award of Merit from the Society of Technical Communicators (STC) for her design and development of Instructor Led Training for Diamond 2000, a health-management software being implemented by Evercare, formerly LifeMark.

In 1997, she was the designer and project leader for an interactive multi-media, CD-ROM tutorial that won a gold award in the 1998 Internet and Multimedia Training Contest, a nationwide contest.

In May of 1991, Jane received the Employee of the Month award for her consistently high performance as a facilitator in the Quality Advantage Program at Allied Van Lines.


"Whenever one of my internal clients comes to me with a performance support or development need, the first person I think of is Jane Smith. She consistently delivers quality, on-time, and creative support. And, she is an excellent value!"

Jan Johnson, Boston Scientific

"Jane is one of the most experienced and professional instructional designers I know. Her thoroughness and creativity are apparent in every phase of a design project. Jane's courses always get results because she is committed to quality, and Jane's clients are always thrilled because she consistently brings her projects in on-time and on-budget. Because I could count on Jane to always deliver, I often assigned her the most challenging projects. I think her unfailing results on all jobs can be attributed in large part to her well-honed project management skills and techniques. I whole-heartedly recommend Jane for any instructional design assignment."

Preston Zuckerman, Learning-Edge

"Jane's deep understanding of adult learning theory combines with strong instructional design skills, a highly consultative approach, and a great work ethic. In my experience, these always resulted in very effective learning and performance improvement solutions, delivered on time and on budget."

Dan Woodard, Alliant Foodservice

"Our organization engaged Jane to assist us in implementing consistent standards and practices in our instructional design methodology. Jane's expert knowledge in the field, approachability, and creative teaching style brought us back to her door when we had additional needs. I value her professional consulting ability, project management skills and would wecome her expertise on any communication or training project, big or small!"

Sue Leo-Fitzgerald, PayChex

"Jane was a fabulous manager of the Instructional Design and Learning SIG of the Society for Technical Communication. During her tenure the SIG had real growth and took on many new and expanded programs. Despite the fact that team members were located around the world, she managed to keep everyone on task and motivated. Her decisions were reasoned and practical and she was open to suggestions from others. I enjoyed working with Jane and learned a lot from her."

Karen Baranich, Society for Technical Communications Instructional Design and Learning Special Interest Group

"Jane Smith is a consummate professional in the field of instructional design and learning.

I first came to know Jane when I volunteered to serve as the Managing Editor of the Instructional Design & Learning SIG (IDL SIG) of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) in 2004. At that time, Jane was the SIG's manager and was working hard at revitalizing the SIG. With Jane's attention and personal contact, the SIG grew to over 2000 members.

After serving as Managing Editor of the newsletter for two years, I stepped up to serve two years as Assistant SIG Manager to work with Jane. During that two-year tenure, I found Jane's work ethic to be one where she maintained control, was well organized, and cared about ensuring that our members received value for their membership fee.

I have now been the SIG's manager for the last two years. During this time, Jane has been available as an advisor and a sounding board. She has provided her insight that has helped me in leading the SIG. This past year, Jane stepped up to serve as Web Seminar Program Coordinator when the person that was in this position had to step down. Jane has done an admirable job at filling the gaps.

I've also attended several of Jane's STC conference sessions and workshops. Her knowledge of instructional design shows through as does her passion for ensuring that attendees learn as much as they can. I've seen Jane spend time with folks to ensure they have a solid foundation and understanding of the field of instructional design.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Jane Smith for any position with any company that she chooses to work for."

Jackie Damrau, Society for Technical Communications Instructional Design and Learning Special Interest Group

"Having worked as a web developer under Jane Smith's leadership of the Society for Technical Communication's Instructional Design and Learning Special Interest Group, I highly recommend Jane for her balanced managerial skills, high-level work ethic, and expert instructional design skill set. She approaches challenging projects strategically and energetically, succeeding in revitalizing a waning online community into an award-winning professional group."

Chris Emanuelli, Society for Technical Communications Instructional Design and Learning Special Interest Group

"Having worked both with and for Jane, I can honestly say that I like her style - very organized, thorough, intuitive and with a very open communication style. No matter how small or how large the project is, she always gives the same amount of effort 110%."

Melva Ayers, Professor, Mix-In Media, Ice Cream University, Cold Stone Creamery

"Jane's organizational skills, attention to detail and command of language are among the best I've encountered - but most important of all, she knows how to turn work into FUN without compromising quality!"

Bob Harner, Creative Director, Learning-Edge, Inc.

"I worked as a contractor on a computer-based training project . . . under Jane's direction. Jane's thorough knowledge of CBT design and production and her ability to manage the project made working with her an excellent learning experience. . . . Jane impressed me with her industry knowledge, her skills, and her ability to manage people and projects effectively, even under the tightest deadlines."

Susan Katz, UniKix Technologies

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